5 Half pipe tippers HP 320-7.0 for Pedom Asfalti

Five heavy duty rear tippers on 5-axle truck MAN TGS 44.470 10X4 with tipper truck upgrade HP320-7.0 were delivered to … pročitajte više ►


Palfinger kamionska dizalica

Palfinger PK 62.002 EH for company VODOTEHNIKA

Truck platform with Palfinger crane PK 62.002 EH for company Vodotehnika. Truck platform and crane is mounted on 4-axle truck … pročitajte više ►



Semitrailer PPRS 39 for transporting working machines and concrete columns for company Bošković from Vinkovci. Useful payload of the semitrailer … pročitajte više ►


Kompozicija s Palfinger dizalicom


Palfinger crane PK 29.502 TEC7 and platform 6.000 mm long with sliding tarpaulin on Volvo FH 460 HP 6×2 for … pročitajte više ►


PK halfpipe kiper sa ceradom


Half pipe rear tipper HP 220-5.5 with tarpaulin with manual control. Rear tippers are mounted on 4-axle trucks Volvo FMX … pročitajte više ►


Kiper s Palfinger dizalicom


Truck upgrade with Palfinger crane PK 11.001 SLD 3 and three way tipper TK 75  4.000 mm long for construction … pročitajte više ►


halfpipe kiper sa hidraulicnim vratima


Rear half pipe tipper HP 220-4.5 with hydraulic rear tailgate on MAN TGS 33.610 6×4 BB for company Žunić Teh … pročitajte više ►



Truck upgrade with Palfinger crane PK 17.001 SLD3 and platform 6.300 mm long for company Reta d.o.o. Truck upgrade is … pročitajte više ►



Three way tipper TK 160 HD-5.0 with volume 10 m3 with hydraulic side wall for company Zanitel. Tipper truck upgrade … pročitajte više ►