Communal hydraulic body swap system with Palfinger crane

PK fast hydraulic body swap system with Palfinger crane, operator can use three-way tipper or rear communal tipper with Palfinger … pročitajte više ►



Platform with Palfinger crane and tail lift for KREATIV QERAMIKA

Truck upgrade with Palfinger crane PK 12000 and Palfinger tail lift. Truck has fixed platforms and moving tarpaulin. Truck upgrade … pročitajte više ►



Tippers with Palfinger truck crane PK 24.001 SLD5 for company Strabag

Three-way tippers TK 160-4.4 with Palfinger cranes PK 24.001 SLD5 with max. outreach up to 10,4 m for company Strabag. … pročitajte više ►



Timber compozition with Palfinger Epsilon crane for company UPTO Benšak

Timber truck with Palfinger Epsilon crane M110Z79 and timber platform 5600 mm long. Timber truck is delivered with timber trailer … pročitajte više ►



Recycling truck upgrade with Palfinger crane for DANKOR

PK recycling truck with Palfinger hookloader PH T 18 SLD5 and Palfinger Epsilon crane M12Z83 for company Dankor d.o.o. Epsilon … pročitajte više ►


Recycling truck upgrade with Palfinger Epsilon crane and Palfinger abrolltipper for company EKOHOLD

Two recycling truck upgrades with Palfinger Epsilon crane Q150Z82 and Palfinger abrolltipper PH T18 SLD5 for company Ekohold. Palfinger cranes … pročitajte više ►


pk kiper-trostrani-kiper-bordmatic-hidraulicna-stranica_2

Three-way tipper for company PALIR

Thee-way tipper TK 160-5.3 with “bordmatic” hydraulic left side wall for company Palir from Zagreb. Tipper truck upgrade is mounted … pročitajte više ►



Rear tipper for construction company DANGUBIĆ

Rear tipper HP220 HD for construction company Dangubić d.o.o. from Croatia. It is a half- pipe heavy duty tipper with … pročitajte više ►


PK fast swap system whit tipper and cistern

PK fast body swap system for multifunctional use of trucks. Delivery of Palfinger crane PK 17.001 SLD3 with use of … pročitajte više ►



Timber trailer PSM240 with platform for DRAGIŠA-KOMERC

Timber trailer PSM 240-7.0 with platform for timber transport for company Dragiša-Komerc. Timber trailer has 24 t GVW. Platform is … pročitajte više ►