3RD Generation Epsilon crane for family company Autoprijevoznik Stjepan Šop

Timber truck with Generation 3 Epsilon crane and timber trailer for long-term costumer company Autoprijevoznik Stjepan Šop. New model TZ12-86 has max. outreach up to 8,6 m and crane is equipped with Epsilon grab FG 53. New generation has the longest reach in its class. Also crane has fully integrated centralized greasing options, the new COMFORT DRIVE control system, the new PALFINGER SMART CONTROL assistance system, and new outrigger options offering an even wider range of support. Timber platform model SP160-6.2 is equipped with aluminum ExTe timber bunks D7 with 7t payload. Platform is construed with steel protection and has steel front and rear wall. Timber platform is mounted on Scania 460P XT 6×4. Timber truck is delivered with timber trailer model PSM 200.