Mon 25.05.2015

P 130 A – Picking up the Smart Class

At Vertikal Days 2015 (UK), Palfinger Platforms Italy Srl. of Modena will be presenting the P130A, the first platform in a new pickup-based series from the Low Smart Class.

With a maximum working height of 13 m, a maximum lateral reach of 6.30 m and a gross weight of 3,200 kg, Palfinger Platforms Italy is giving operators of light commercial vehicles the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the Smart Class on pickups as well, all with the customary PALFINGER quality.

The platform is installed on a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDI, but will in future be available for installation on other models as well. The P130A is the first platform in the series, which will incorporate three further models by the end of the year.

As with all platforms in the Smart Class, the platforms in this series boast an ergonomic and compact design. Thanks to the extremely low centre of gravity, the P130A features exceptional stability both on and off road, as well as incredibly precise steering and impressive flexibility during operation.