Semi-trailers with three-way tipper for Croatia public company

Two semitrailers with three-way tipper PPTK30 for company Hrvatske šume. It is a public forest company from Croatia. Tipper semi-trailers have aluminum side walls. The platform is 7.050 mm long and has sidewalls 1.200 mm high. The volume of the tipper is 20 m³. Tipper has tarpaulin that can be operated with hand lever. Semi-trailer has BPW axles 2×9.000 kg with disc brakes and air suspension. Semi-trailers are new product that is completely constructed and produced in company PK d.o.o.

Hrvatske šume d.o.o. is a three-layered commercial company owned by the state, with the Headquarters in Zagreb, 17 regional forest administrations (subsidiaries) and 169 regional forest offices. The company is being lead by the Management Board, its work is being controlled by the Supervisory Board (both appointed by the Government of RH), while the basic decisions are being met by the Assembly. The company employs ca 8.000 employees, 1250 of whom have a university degree.