Palfinger Epsilon crane M12Z83 with hookloader PH T20 SLD5 for C.I.O.S. grupa

Recycling truck upgrade has been delivered on SCANIA G 450 B6x2 truck for the C.I.O.S. group. Palfinger Epsilon crane M12Z83 for waste manipulation is installed on this upgrade together with Palfinger hookloader PH T20 SLD5.

Palfinger Epsilon crane M12Z83 is a crane with 8,3 m maximal outreach. It comes with a scrap grapple SG300 with a 300L volume fee. The “classic drive” seat with manual control enables easy and precise control of the crane and can be accessed from both sides. Palfinger hookloader PH T20 SLD5 brings more flexibility and comfort to your daily tasks with capacity of 20 t.

C.I.O.S. group is the leading group in the region and the largest group in Croatia in the waste management sector. Founded in 1991, it has been actively participating in the waste management sector for more than 30 years. They apply the best available techniques according to the principles of the circular economy (turning waste into resources) following the EU directives and reference documents of the European Union. With more than 40 locations, it annually collects and processes more than 1,100,000 tons of different types of waste, hiring 1,100 employees.