Tue 20.01.2015

P-FOLD folding and sliding of the jack with one finger movement

As an additional PALcom P7 radio control function, PALFINGER has launched a new P-FOLD system for all SH series hoists from PK 42002 SH to PK 200002 L SH. The crane operator activates the P-FOLD by using the menu on PAL7 P7 radio control.

Once the system is activated, the crane is started by moving only one lever. The intelligent P-FOLD function takes control of the crane until the working position is reached. Upon completion of the operation, the crane can be folded from any working position.


The P-FOLD system works together with the new RTC (Rope Tension Control) system. Both systems perfectly support crane operation. In this way, the time of closing and lowering of the crane is reduced to a minimum and prevents damage to the vehicle and the surrounding area. In addition to a significant increase in operator comfort and prevention of possible damage, the new P-FOLD system significantly reduces the time for joining and unloading the crane.