Timber tractor trailer for Hrvatske Šume

 TSM 16 timber tractor trailer with a Palfinger Epsilon crane for public company Hrvatske Šume. It is a trailer for transport, loading and unloading of logs and other timber. The gross weight of the trailer is 16,000 kg, and the loading space is 5,000 mm long. The Palfinger Epsilon C60F86 crane with a reach of 8.6 m is mounted on the trailer.

Palfinger Epsilon crane C60F86 is equipped with Epsilon grab FG27 of 0.25m2. The crane is controlled via radio control, which significantly facilitates the manipulation of logs and also simplifies the connection of the trailer to the tractor. At the front of the trailer are massive stabilizers that provide stability when handling logs. The trailer is equipped with a refrigerator of sufficient capacity to allow long-term operation in all weather conditions.

The tractor timber trailer has secured service and spare parts during its operation. All additional options or modifications to the trailer can be done in agreement with the PK team, since it is a “custom made” product tailored to the needs and wishes of the end customer. All trailers manufactured in PK plant are made of high quality long-lasting steel and the parts are painted with primer and epoxy paint for additional protection against corrosion of all parts of the trailer or PK superstructure.