Timber Truck upgrades with Palfinger Epsilon crane for UPTO Benšak

PK delivered 3 timber truck upgrades with Palfinger Epsilon cranes M110Z79 on Volvo FH460 and PK timber trailers PSM180 to our longterm partner UPTO Benšak. Aluminium components make the PK timber composition one of the lightest in its class. Truck upgrade together with the trailer has a total of 28t payload.

Palfinger Epsilon crane M110Z79 with reach 7,9m is equipped with Palfinger Epsilon grab FG53 with capacity of 5000kg. The Timber platform is 5600 mm in lenght and has an aluminium protection chassis and aluminium front wall. The platform has two pairs of ExTe aluminium E9 bunks with payload of 9t.

PK timber trailers PSM180 has a loading platform thats 5200mm in lenght. The trailer also has an aluminium protection chassis and two pairs of aluminium ExTe bunks E9 the same as the truck. The trailer is equipped with a scale that has a monitor for measuring the total trailer mass.

The service transport and commercial business Benšak is one of the largest transport companies in Croatia. They have over 50 trucks for transport and timber manipulation. They are extremely reliable and efficient and are one of the leaders in this business in the whole region. They regularly update their mechanization with PK timber upgrades with Palfinger Epsilon cranes.