Semitrailer PPSM39 for company STSI

STSI Integrated Technical Services d.o.o. was delivered a special semi-trailer PPSM39 for the transport of pulleys or tubes of useful load 26t. The semi-trailer is designed to supply the needs of the buyer. The semi-trailer has BPW shafts 3x9t with one lifting and one rotating axle. The loading platform is 12,700 mm long and the floor is made of hardwood 50 mm thick. On the platform there are openings for stems (2 × 6 pcs) and accessories for easier cargo connection.

STSI d.o.o. is a company engaged in the maintenance and construction of plants. The company was founded in 2002 by spin-off from INA. It is primarily focused on the activities of maintenance and construction of plants for the production and processing of oil and gas from wells to refineries, but also other plants and facilities from the petrochemical industry and other construction facilities. It is the largest maintenance company in the Republic of Croatia that provides a comprehensive maintenance service including all professions (mechanical, electrical instrumentation, construction).