Recovery vehicle with Palfinger crane PK 19500T for Palfinger Germany. PK truck upgrade is equiped with hydraulic platform, winch, hydraulic platform and underlift. Recovery vehicle has Palfinger crane PK 19500 T with 10 m reach and hydraulic platform HK150 6300 mm long. All the functions from truck upgrade are remotely controlled. Truck upgrade is mounted on MB Actros 1835L 4×2 butto weight 18 t. Useful payload of the truck is 5.330 kg.

The towing platform is made from material stainless steel with additional reinforcement. Platform is covered with anti-slip material. Auxiliary chassis is galvanized for longer endurance of the product. The vehicle has two hooks, one is mounted on the platform for towing crashed trailers and the second one is on the back of the track and its used for towing trailers. From additional equipment the vehicle has trash can and can for sand, wheel choks on platform, holder from broom and shovels, stainless steel tool boxes with led lights.

Recovery vehicle is designed and produced in PK production line and its ready for all the challenges of modern communal firms.