Palfinger crane PC 3800 and platform 3.700 mm long on Iveco Daily 60C18H for company INA. Palfinger crane has max. outreach up to 3,7 m with one hydraulic extension. Platform has aluminum side walls and on the flor is anti-slip plywood.

INA, d.d. is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region. INA Group is comprised of several companies completely or partially owned by INA, d.d. INA was established on January 1, 1964 through the merger of Naftaplin (company for oil and gas exploration and production) with the refineries in Rijeka and Sisak. INA, d.d. is a stock company having MOL Plc. and the Republic of Croatia as its biggest shareholders, while a minority of shares is owned by private and institutional investors. INA shares have been listed at the Zagreb stock exchanges since December 1, 2006. INA Group is comprised of several affiliated companies wholly or partially owned by INA, d.d. The Group has its headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. On December 31, 2018 INA Group had 10,842 employees. INA manages a regional network of more than 500 service stations in Croatia and neighboring countries. At the end of 2010, the modernization and revitalization of the retail network was initiated.