Baustof hydraulic truck upgrade with Palfinger crane for STSI

For the company STSI, a truck upgrade was delivered with a Palfinger crane PK 19.001 SLD5 with a reach of 14.8 m and a platform with a length of 6,200 mm. Palfinger crane PK 19.001 SLD5 D has a five-fold hydraulic extension extension of 14.8 m. The crane has radio control and alternative manual controls on both sides of the crane

STSI d.o.o. is a company engaged in the maintenance and construction of plants. The company was founded in 2002 by spin-off from INA. It is primarily focused on the activities of maintenance and construction of plants for the production and processing of oil and gas from wells to refineries, but also other plants and facilities from the petrochemical industry and other construction facilities. It is the largest maintenance company in the Republic of Croatia that provides a comprehensive maintenance service including all professions (mechanical, electrical instrumentation, construction).